Seed and Venture Capital funds interested in commercializing research:

  • Conducting full service of investment proceedings
  • Preparation of an agreement with the managing entity, the fund’s statute and regulations of the relevant fund bodies, management agreement, etc.
  • Development of complete investment panels that are optimal for tax, legal and operational purposes
  • Conducting due diligence in legal and tax terms
  • Preparation of the so-called term-sheets, negotiating investment agreements
  • Carrying out the process of getting the next rounds and exiting the investment

Small, medium and large companies investing in R&D:

  • Conducting comprehensive legal services for the entire research procedure – contracts with authors / employees / associates, securing intellectual property, handling implementation or commercialization
  • Indication of the most appropriate path along with handling the investment process (license agreements, sale of rights, establishing a company and contributing a commercialized idea, etc.)
  • Preparation of contracts for commissioned (contract) research and independent research (consortium contracts)
  • Preparation of facilities for the implementation of research projects financed from public funds (preparation of the structure taking into account the most convenient solutions, contracts and documentation for applications for obtaining public funds)
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